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For best results we recommend someone else give you a massage using one of our massagers. When giving yourself a massage, follow our guides as best as possible. Certain body areas may be hard to reach. Do not move out of your normal range of motion as it could cause injury. Switch hands or take a short break after extended use. If you experience any pain or numbness in your hand, stop using the massager.

Stress Neck Tension

Poor posture, long drives, asthma and working long hours on a computer are common causes of stress neck tension. Tightened chest muscles play a major factor and should be stretched out before massage.

Put a rolled-up towel under top of the back (between L1, L2) and stretch back with head, lying there for 5-10 minutes. Then use a massager on the back of the neck, paying particular attention to the crevice at the base of the skull, before finishing with the sides of the neck.

While massagers are effective at managing or temporarily alleviating symptoms, it is always wise to consult a physician, pharmacist or nurse practitioner for prescribed treatment options.

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Lauryn (Douglassville, PA)
Love this massager especially after a good run. It is a really nice option to have when you are just sitting back and relaxing. Having a massage really does do a body good and the ability to have this in your home is really nice.

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