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For best results we recommend someone else give you a massage using one of our massagers. When giving yourself a massage, follow our guides as best as possible. Certain body areas may be hard to reach. Do not move out of your normal range of motion as it could cause injury. Switch hands or take a short break after extended use. If you experience any pain or numbness in your hand, stop using the massager.

Dance Cardio & Zumba

After swiveling your hips and bopping your head, your dance workout may leave you feeling less than jazzy in your neck and lower back. Paying special attention to these smaller muscles groups can alleviate stiffness that often follows the next day.

A gentle pulsing vibrating massage that targets theses pin-pointed problem areas can increase blood circulation to relieve tension and soreness.

Massage is a great complement to workouts as it improves circulation, decreases muscle fatigue, alleviates aches and pains, loosens muscles and stimulates fitness recovery; however, before starting a new exercise regimen or incorporating massage into your current routine it is always wise to consult a physician.

Customer Testimonials

Jill (CO)
As a chronic pain sufferer, I love having the 3-in-1 option (hot, cold and massage) with this one product. I also really like the velcro strap to hold the pack in place.

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