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Putting the Fun in Run: Three missteps that can ruin your workout

Posted by on December 28, 2015

Whether it’s for fitness or charity, the first run or the last, running can take a toll on your body. A few simple mistakes in preparation can leave those doing good, feeling pretty bad. To put your best foot forward, avoid these three running faux pas.

Skip a Stride

Proper training is essential to succeed in any run. If you’re new to the game, start by developing a plan, one that lets you walk before you run. To help prevent sore muscles and injuries, alternate cold and hot temperatures to major muscles as part of your warm-up and cool-down routine. New technology such as hot-cold massaging gel packs provides three muscle management treatments in one. Use heat before runs to get your blood flowing and loosen up those tight muscles, ligaments and tendons. Afterwards, apply cold therapy to help alleviate soreness and swelling.

Forget to Fuel

Gearing up for a marathon? Don’t let pre-race jitters distract you from getting the nutrition necessary to start and finish the event. Preparation starts 24 hours before the race and begins with hydrating your body with plenty of water and electrolyte-filled sports drinks. Load up on complex carbohydrates and proteins the night before, and switch to something easily-digestible and high in energy an hour before the run. Finally, make sure to pack a snack for your post-race celebration. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich or glass of chocolate milk can go a long way toward replenishing your body and staving off muscle fatigue.

Run then Done

Your body just got you through a great workout, so it’s time to pay back the favor. After the final push in a run, your muscles may become sore and fatigued. Avoid this by applying a little muscle T.L.C. courtesy of some stretching and massage therapy. Massage not only increases circulation, but studies now link it to muscle recovery. However, visiting a massage therapist can be costly and time consuming; that’s why a powerful hand-held massager is a great alternative. A massager of your own offers customized treatment to help you prevent or address muscle pain after finishing a run. And that’s what you call a win-win.

Remembering these essentials can help turn a rough running experience into a rewarding one. By taking the time to train, eat properly and treat your muscles, you are doing yourself and your body a favor. For more information on how to prevent or alleviate muscle aches and pains related to exercise visit the ‘What’s Your Activity?’ section of our website.

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