The right massager for your pain.

Wahl massagers are the perfect addition to any pain management program. Wahl massagers will help you melt away life’s aches and ailments. Our handheld massagers are easy to use, large enough to alleviate discomfort in major muscle groups and small enough to place right in your hand. Whether it is heat therapy, deep tissue massage, full-body massage or spot treatment, you can always be within reach of relief.

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Pulsing Patch

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The Pulsing Massage Patch has 4 powerful massage areas and offers customization with programmed pulsing sequences and various intensity levels. The Comfort Flex design conforms to the body and allows for extra-large coverage and concentrated pain relief. This Pulsing Massage Patch is great for lower and upper back pain. The adhesive gel pads hold the Pulsing Massage Patch into place for hands-free pain relief. This unit is battery operated so no wires or controllers get in your way of pain relief. (#4095)


Pulsing Massage Patch
Quick, Easy and All-Natural Pain Relief
Hands Free Operation
Great For Lower and Upper Back Pain
What’s in the Box
Comfort Flex patch
2 AAA batteries storage case
4 adhesive gel pads

Customer Testimonials

Nickie (NY)
I have a 3 year old son that I'm running behind and lifting all day. Lately I was having lower back pain off and on. I really love the different attachments but my favorite is the "four finger flex attachment." I use it on my shoulders and lower back and it works like a charm. I also love that it's pretty quiet, so I can use it in the same room as my husband watching television and not disturb him. Thank you so much!

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